Clarification Statement


Sundial Technology Development Limited (the “Company”) is recently aware that there were allegations or suggestions that the Company is a cheater or fraudster due to certain investigation on Dr. Yeung Lam-lung, a former advisor of the Company.

The Company hereby makes a solemn statement and clarification that all such allegations or suggestions are false. In addition, the Company has terminated Dr. Yeung’s appointment on 11 October 2022 and he no longer holds any office or position in the Company.

The Company has reported these false allegations to the Hong Kong Police (Police Report Number: ERC 2211032090753).

The Company reserves all its rights against any person or organisation which makes or repeats any false statement and/or allegation in respect of the Company, including but not limited to commencing legal proceedings against such person and recover any losses and damages suffered by the Company therefrom.

Sundial Technology Development Limited